In early May 2015, volunteers from Corridor Rescue, Inc. (CRI) in Houston, TX were out in a local neighborhood doing their regular rounds feeding stray animals when they noticed a dog lying near the street. Sydney, a sweet poodle terrier mix, was believed to have been hit by a car and as a result had a crushed paw. The injury included extensive nerve damage and paralysis, which led to Sydney dragging his foot causing an infection.   When the rescue volunteers inquired about Sydney’s injuries, the owner of Sydney blamed their neighbor, who denied involvement. Because neither could afford to treat Sydney, the owner let CRI take him.

Upon hearing about Sydney’s plight, ISF was eager to learn more and provide assistance.  Initially, the veterinarians involved disagreed as to whether Sydney’s leg could be saved.  Ultimately, for Sydney to be pain free and maintain his quality of life, his leg was amputated at the shoulder level.  Along with the attention to his injuries, Sydney was also vaccinated, neutered and given an overall check-up.  Throughout his recovery, Sydney was in good spirits and appropriately bonded with other dogs as well as his caregivers.  Once medically cleared, he was placed in foster care until his “furever” home could be found.

With the help of social media, CRI received five applications for Sydney’s adoption within two days of posting his availability!  Considering Sydney’s special needs, Corridor Rescue chose applicants who do not work outside the home. Of Sydney finding his forever home, CRI wrote ISF, “We ended up selecting an applicant who was the neighbor and friend of Sydney's foster family. This couple didn't have any other dogs and did not work outside of the home, so we knew they would be showering Sydney with attention.” He went home with them on May 21st and immediately assumed the position of lap dog.  Sydney’s story perfectly illustrates how resilient animals can be when they are given a second chance by big hearted humans.

Written by: Shandra Locken

Edited by: Bob Stone