When rescue group, Contented Canines, first saw Teddy they knew he had a very low chance of being adopted. Teddy was a 6 year old Chihuahua living in a puppy mill, riddled with fleas, injuries, and weak from generations of inbreeding. He was just one of the 14 dogs rescued during an auction set up by the puppy mill. Teddy is an adorable tri-colored Chihuahua who now has a new lease on life thanks to the helping hands of Contented Canines and the IS Foundation grant program.

Due to poor breeding and the awful living conditions while kenneled his entire life at the puppy mill, Teddy needed surgery to repair the Patellar Luxation of both knees and Cranial Cruciate ACL repair in his right knee. Without it his quality of life would diminish and he might lose the ability to run, jump, and even walk. Because of the pain, Teddy was given medication every day. He stopped going to the dog park and on a daily walk because it was becoming too excruciating for him to move.

This is when Teddy’s foster parents contacted the Ian Somerhalder Foundation Emergency Medical Grant Program. Their pleas were heard and a grant was given. Teddy received the surgeries he needed to live a full and pain free life. This pint-sized Chihuahua, once neglected, mistreated and eventually discarded has been given the chance to live in a warm, loving and comfortable home.

After living with the foster family during his many surgeries and recoveries, the foster parents decided they couldn’t live without Teddy and ended up adopting him. Teddy loves his new dog sister, Bella, a tri-colored German Shepherd who couldn’t be happier to have a companion. According to a rescue volunteer, they were a “perfect fit from the start.” And, despite living in a puppy mill his entire life, Teddy loves other dogs and is amazing around children. It goes to show, all lives deserve a second chance, especially for those who were never given a chance in the first place.

“I am so glad that we saved Teddy and couldn't be happier to have him in our life.  He has been able to get out on walks and enjoy time outdoors with Bella thanks to your help with the cost of his surgeries.” – Teddy’s new family.

Written by Callie Kimbell

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