Terezie Cizkova helps cleanup 772 lbs. of trash

With the amount of trash littering streets and oceans increasing every year, environmental pollution has become a global issue. Intentional or not, large or small, the litter will drastically affect our environment for years to come.  This problem isn’t going to fix itself as it will require a major effort from everyone to turn this epidemic around. Terezie Cizkova is very passionate in helping the environment and she participated in a local cleanup to rid her Czech Republic community of trash. Terezie told ISF, “I've become passionate about this cause because I really care about our environment for about 3 years now, since I joined The Ian Somerhalder Foundation, and I simply feel that it's my duty to protect our Earth. So, I took action in my community--we organized our own local 'Clean Up' event!” The cleanup was held in Brno, Czech Republic and was part of an annual event called “'Ukliďme Česko”.  Participants included the Czech political party, Zeleni, and The Fund for Children at Risk in Brno. Thousands of Czech citizens also came out to the April 7th event to clean up trash in their communities.  During the cleanup, changemakers found a lot of litter which could have been prevented if people had used trash cans. In total, 350 kilograms (772 lbs.) of trash was collected and properly disposed of. “The best thing about it was that also a group of children and their ''nannies' from the local Fund for Children at Risk in Brno joined us as well! I was so pleasantly surprised how much involved they were. Plastic pollution is really the most damaging thing our planet is facing. Fortunately, we have so many activists out there who are not afraid to show up to be the change!”, said Terezie.

Terezie told ISF she was inspired by how much can get accomplished when we come together saying, We had so much fun doing this together!” The involvement of children in this event was another motivator for Terezie as she explains,“Youth are very important for our future. If parents will inspire/encourage their kids from the young age to be the change and believe in their own power, our future generation will rapidly change and it all starts with upbringing.”

The future of our planet is so important and Terezie Cizkova took the initiative to do something about it in her neighborhood. Thank you Terezie for sharing this huge example of how collaborating with likeminded people can really make a positive impact on our planet. 

Written by Stefanie Schmidt

Edited by Bob Stone

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