Tessa and Evie

Evie and Tessa spent the first five years of their lives in an Arkansas puppy mill. Thankfully, the mill was raided and shut down. The rescue which took in several of the tiny Pomeranians dangerously had dogs spayed without first checking for heart worm disease. When two of the dogs died on the table during the routine procedure, the surgeries were stopped. Although Evie and Tessa were not spayed, they continued to sit in the rescue for another year without further treatment. It was then discovered both dogs were heart worm positive and needed to go into a rescue which would spare no cost to get them well. Pawsitively Pom Rescue (PPR) stepped up to the challenge as they had successfully treated heart worm positive dogs in the past. Evie and Tessa entered their new rescue so fearful, they were shaking in their crates. Despite their fear, however, both were sweet to everyone they met.

During their vet checkup, it was found both Evie and Tessa’s heart worm infestations had progressed to Caval Syndrome. This is when a large number of the worms invade the right heart, entwine and pass through the valve apparatus. When this happens, the conventional treatment laid out by the American Heartworm Society is impossible. The only option was to have both Evie and Tessa go into emergency surgery within the week to have a cardiologist pull out the worms which had entered their hearts. After this, both dogs would still have to go through the conventional heart worm treatment.

Amanda with PPR sent ISF a frantic email about the situation and was given a grant to help with the surgeries. Five live adult heart worms were pulled from 5lb Evie’s heart. Four live adult heart worms were pulled from 7lb Tessa’s heart. Once removed, both girls remained in ICU overnight with IV fluids.

Once released from the hospital and placed on activity restriction in a loving foster home, they began to come out of their shells. Amanda wrote to ISF to let us know both Evie and Tessa were “playing with toys, seeking attention, giving kisses, and enjoying their life as lap dogs.  They have even learned to potty outside and basic commands like sit and come.  These smart and resilient girls deserve their second chance at life!”

During this time a wonderful couple spotted the dogs on PPR’s Facebook page. After completing the screening process, they were approved to foster both dogs until they complete the remainder of their treatments. Once healthy, they will be able to adopt the dogs permanently.

Of this experience, Amanda wrote ISF, “We have learned just how severe and life threatening heart worms can be.  We have successfully treated heart worm positive dogs in the past, but this case was much more severe.  These girls would have not survived without having the worms extracted by a cardiologist.” Further saying, “Evie and Tessa came from a puppy mill and then came to PPR from another rescue that delayed treating the girls heart worm.  Despite their past they have blossomed into amazing girls that will live the good life!  We could not have given them this opportunity without foundations such as yours and our amazing followers that donated to their care!”

Written by Veronica Hampton

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