Desiree, with Pitiful Paws Rescue (PPR), happened to be at her vet’s office when a lady brought in her sick cat, Tom. Although nothing showed on the x-rays, vets suspected Tom had a foreign object stuck in his bowls. It was determined Tom would need to have either emergency surgery or be euthanized. Since the original owner could not afford the surgery, she chose to euthanize Tom. Desiree then stepped in and offered to bring Tom into PPR to save his life. Desiree wrote ISF, “When I met Tom, even though he was in an immense amount of pain and discomfort he was still wanting someone to rub his belly and rolling on his back, to lovingly swat and play with my hand. He is a super sweet boy and we have a wonderful foster home lined up for him.” ISF agreed to help PPR cover a portion of Tom’s surgery cost.

Tom was immediately started on IV fluids and antibiotics, but after fourteen hours he showed little improvement. He was vomiting blood and had blood in his fecal matter. His stomach was distended and very painful. The next day Tom underwent surgery and although no foreign object was found, he did have a blockage of stool due to severe irritation of his bowels caused by an unknown factor.

After flushing his bowls, Tom needed to spend a couple weeks at the vet’s office. Once medically cleared, he was able to go into a loving foster home. Desiree wrote ISF, “Tom is doing GREAT! He is a happy, healthy, and loving boy. We are thrilled that Tom is feeling better! Even when he was in an immense amount of pain, he was a total love bug but now that he’s feeling better he’s even more loving! He has made friends with the animals in his foster home and he is still awaiting a forever home!”

Tom’s wait for a forever home didn’t take long. A previous foster family saw his picture on PPR’s Facebook page and fell in love with him immediately. After adopting Tom, they have changed his name to Weasley. He now has a few furry siblings whom he loves dearly and has become a huge fan of cat nip!

When ISF asked Desiree what she learned from rescuing Tom/Weasley, she replied, “I learned this a long time ago, but I think it applies to this...every animal deserves every possible chance at a happy, healthy, and long life with a family that loves them.”

Written by Veronica Hampton