Sometimes, there’s a rare occasion which creates a pairing simply meant to be like best friends who live in completely different countries, separated by land and sea, yet they couldn’t be closer. This can be seen in animal pairings like a dog and a bunny meant to be foes, but learn to love one another. This was the case with Sherri and a three-year-old French Bulldog, Trapper. Trapper was rescued by the French Bulldog Rescue Network after his original owners gave him up due to back issues he was suffering from. Before he was given up for adoption, he endured back surgery.  However, it did not relieve all of his back pain and he continued to have signs of paralysis. During this time, Sherri was helping a friend find a French Bulldog to adopt and came across Trapper. Immediately, she knew they were meant to be together. She explains how Trapper, “Sounded like the dog version of me as I had two prior knee surgeries and he had back surgery. We both had matching scars.” She applied to adopt him and quickly Trapper was introduced into his forever home.

A couple months later Trapper began to show signs of pain again. Seeing him panting and shaking excessively, Sherri knew something was wrong. After a visit with the vet, x-rays revealed a bulge in his back which was causing severe pain. The specialist explained, if they waited too long to perform surgery, Trapper could be at risk of becoming paralyzed. In need of assistance Sherri reached out to ISF and Trapper received a Medical Emergency Grant. Immediately he underwent back surgery, was placed on crate rest, and received physical therapy which included water therapy to strengthen his back legs. The surgery was a success and although his back legs are weak, they are being used properly.  Pet steps have been installed around their home to help Trapper. He also has no bulges or spinal cord compression since surgery. He does, however, need to be monitored heavily to make sure he doesn’t jump which could cause pain and irritation. Sherri explains, “He’s happy and not anxious, panting, or dragging his legs like before. I want you to know your help is appreciated. We knew we couldn’t leave him hurt and paralyzed and thanks to a quick reaction and a good vet it saved that from happening!”

After being shuffled around a lot due to his medical conditions, this bright and adorable little boy was able to find his forever home! Sherri and Trapper are an example of one of those rare parings who found one another and are simply meant to be together. In her final correspondence with ISF, Sherri wrote, “I adopted him in 2015. I am his forever home and knew I would be the minute I saw him.” People say behind every scar there is a story. For this pair, their scars brought them together and started the beginning to their beautiful story.  


Written by: Francesca Pollio

Edited by: Bob Stone

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