Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

This May while the ISF veterinarian team was in New Mexico at their latest spay/neuter clinic, they stayed at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in Pine Hill. Our team got to meet with the Sanctuary staff, who were gracious hosts, and toured the grounds with the Executive Director, Leyton Cougar; the accommodations were beautiful. We learned the stories of all the sanctuary residents from wolves, foxes, dingoes, New Guinea singing dogs, coyotes, wolf-dogs, and plain old dogs that were misidentified as wolves.  It once again hit home the message that wild animals should not be pets even those closest to our beloved dogs.  We also learned the challenges sanctuaries face and will take these lessons on to our own endeavors and future sanctuary.

The Sanctuary’s primary goals are to provide a safe place for these rescued animals to live out their days in a safe environment and to bring awareness that animals like these should not be pets. The stories of all the animal ambassadors there would surely tug at your heart and you would wish these animals could have lived a wild life as they were meant to do.

And although ISF donated preventative meds and will spread the word of Wild Spirit’s facilities and good work we left with far more in return, with a wonderful stay amongst beautiful people and landscape and a place in their pack—and we can’t forget the dingo kisses.

So if you find yourself looking for a road trip, or end up in New Mexico, I highly recommend visiting the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary to see their good work.  And if the wonderful staff, wolves, and accommodations isn’t enough, you can visit El Morro National Park, Banderas Volcano, ice caves, Indian reservations, and more.  And for those who may be Game of Thrones fans, you can enjoy the chorus of howls from the Westeros pack of wolves each named by author, George RR Martin, after the story’s direwolves and characters.

And above all, let wildlife stay in the wild, it's the greatest honor we can give them.

For more information, please check out the link: wildspiritwolfsanctuary.org

Photo Credit: Veronica Hampton and Kate Harms

Written by:  Kate H.


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