When a Good Samaritan in Hattiesburg, Mississippi noticed a Shih Tzu laying in someone’s yard for two days, seemingly unable to get up, they decided to bring him to Advanced Pet Care who partners with their local Humane Society. Upon further investigation from the Hub City Humane Society (HCHS), it was discovered the dog, named Winston, had been hit by a car two weeks prior. Winston’s owner could not afford treatment and subsequently abandoned him in someone’s yard.  The owners of the yard where he was abandoned also couldn’t afford his treatment so they left him there, feeding him, but not providing any medical treatment or pain management. 

Once in the care of HCHS, Winston was given pain medication and diagnosed with a shattered left femur. HCHS reached out to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) saying, “Winston would make someone a great little lap dog. He has spent the last couple of weeks in agonizing pain, desperate to return to a life of comfort indoors. Even though he has been let down by his owner, we would love the opportunity to show this pup the love and compassion he so longs for.” To help with the cost of surgery, ISF provided HCHS a Medical Emergency Grant.

Winston underwent surgery to have a plate and screws placed in his rear leg to stabilize it. During his recovery, Winston was placed in a loving foster home where he was able to recuperate wonderfully from his procedure with no complications. Almost immediately, Winston began to bear weight and use his leg again. Although confined following the procedure, Winston was eager to run and play to test his limits.

As Winston continued to heal, the bond between him and his foster mom grew. According to HCHS, “His foster mamma has become a "foster failure" providing him a much desired lap to sit in permanently. His mamma says you wouldn't even know that he had ever broken (his leg) or been through the trauma he has endured. He is a very happy pup and has settled into his new home with ease.”


Written by Veronica Hampton

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