WOW! ... We mean WOWWWW!

The ISF YOUTH photo challenge was a HUGE success! We asked you #WhenWhyHowYouISF and to #ISFBeCreative.

From showing us your fave ISF gear to painting ISF on your face, you poured your heart into this challenge and we can tell. From booth pics to community cleanup pics … rescued furry friends and recycle symbols from EVERYWHERE ... You rocked it!

We loved to see your pride showing in every post and tweet you submitted! Fave mentors, moments, and campaigns, your ISF families. We are all over the world and projects like this photo challenge brings us together, no matter the distance or language, into one HUGE ISF FAMILY!

We at the ISF YOUTH DIVISION thank you so very much for making this exciting ISF YOUTH PHOTO CHALLENGE a HUGE success.


ISF YOUTH PHOTO CHALLENGE 2016 #WhenWhyHowYouISF from Ian Somerhalder Foundation on Vimeo.

A very special thank you to the ISF Graphics team for the amazing graphics. Thanks to the Translations team for speaking for us ALL! Thank you to the ISF Social Media teams for putting us out there and supporting us.        

ISF Youth Division

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Article by Candi Fair