Pet Appreciation: Volunteer Edition!

If you haven’t noticed, the Creatures webpage has a lot of stories focused on pets this month, and that’s not by accident. May is National Pet Month in the United States, so we decided to take this opportunity to celebrate them even more than usual (is that even possible?)! Month after month, all of you awesome supporters share your pet appreciation with us, so this month, we decided to switch it up and share our pet appreciation with you!

Stefanie, Ariel and Simba:

Stefanie adopted her cat, Ariel, from an animal shelter about two years ago. “I was excited to be able to rescue an animal; I adopted Ariel because she was only 6 months old and looked so lonely in her cage. The next day, my friend told me about a cat he knew of at another shelter that really needed to be adopted because it had been traumatized and probably wouldn’t ever socialize with people. He knew I wanted a cat, so he told me about the baby. I had just adopted Ariel and didn’t think that having two cats was a good idea. My friend then told me that cats do well together and tried to convince me to take this cat. The next day I adopted the male cat, who was about 4 months old, and named him Simba. I brought him home, and he and Ariel became best friends. They are inseparable and have brought so many smiles to my life.”

Elaine and Charlotte:

Elaine’s children were 5 and 7 years old when they decided to adopt a dog. “We found Charlotte at our local humane society. She was 3 months old at the time. She trembled in my arms that day, feeling scared and alone and homeless. But, almost as soon as we brought her home, she was at ease and happy! My children and Charlotte are growing up together, which is a wonderful experience for all of them. Charlotte is patient with them. She makes them laugh. She runs in the yard with them. She sparks their curiosity about other living beings. They adore her—from her crazy antics chasing chipmunks in the backyard, to the spring in her step when she goes for a walk. Charlotte chose me as her ‘person’—she shadows me everywhere I go. She is always excited to see us when we come home, and she makes the best cuddle buddy! We are very grateful to have Charlotte as part of our family!”

Megan and Achilles:

Megan describes Achilles, her 9-year-young flat-coat retriever as, “my angel with a heart of gold.  He and I trained together to make him a service animal and he goes absolutely everywhere with me.  He is the light of my life and my world revolves around the things that make him happy.  We love to go hiking and swimming, and are looking forward to the camping season. Achilles is an amazing snuggle bear and makes my day brighter every morning just by letting me wake up to his furry face next to mine. He has truly saved my life many times over.”

Vanessa and Brokk:

Vanessa’s dog Brokk is, “a 125 pound teddy bear. He is not only a best friend to my family, but a protector as well. His love sets an amazing example for me every day. He is very old and, some days, he is in a lot of pain due to an immune-mediated disease that affects his joints, but he never lets that get him down. He is still always so happy to see us and so eager to please. He is my children’s’ best friend, he follows them everywhere and tries his best to run and play with them. I couldn’t imagine our family without this amazing soul and wish that everyone could have a friend like him. I believe that pets enter our lives exactly when we need them the most. They are a constant source of undying, unadulterated love. Brokk is the perfect example of all of that.”

DJ and Bear:

A Black Friday excursion concluded with DJ being the proud parent of a Chihuahua puppy. “Focused on weaving in and out of crowd at Walmart, I heard someone ask if I wanted to buy a puppy. My initial first reaction was, ‘Puppy you say? Of course I would!’ There they were—two of the smallest Chihuahua puppies I had ever seen. I automatically picked the little brindle one up and put him in my sweater. Right then and there, I knew I wasn't going to put him back down. There was absolutely no way. I don't support buying dogs, unless you're paying an adoption fee, but I had to get him out of that situation immediately. Today, six months after an initial case of worms, Bear is doing absolutely fantastic. He is a very happy, healthy and spoiled little boy that runs the house and terrorizes his three sisters and 100-pound brother. I get nothing but unconditional love, laughs and kisses from him. He's not only my dog, but my friend as well.  I wouldn't trade those sleepless nights for the world and I would do it all over again for him in a heartbeat! I love him more than anything!”

Holly and Ebony:

Holly says that, “When I rescued my Ebony from the local shelter, she also rescued me. I had been mourning over the loss of my first kitten, Milo, for some time. I didn’t even have him for a year before he passed away from an uncontrollable and unpredictable seizure. So, when I went to the shelter, I saw that the first cage held Ebony (they called her Mamasita at the time). She was 3 years old then, with a long coat of shiny black fur and piercing greenish-yellow eyes. When she saw me, she turned over onto her belly and reached her paws forward, as if she wanted me to take her. Though I had met some other adorable cuties and got to know them, my mind was still on Ebony. The volunteer with whom I was speaking told me that black cats are not adopted as often as other cats, especially when they are adults. I thought for a few more minutes and finally decided; I had to take Ebony home. Our first day together was perfect. Today, Ebony is my best friend and I’m so excited to be celebrating our one-year ‘adoptaversary’ this month. She is the best family member I could have ever asked for.”

Just because May is national pet month, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate our pets every other month of the year, too! Do you have a pet worth celebrating all year round? We want to hear about them! Email us at and tell us all about them (and please include a picture)! 



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