Let's Meet Some Marvelous Mermaids: The 3 Tails!

Have you ever dreamed about something so passionately when you were little that you wanted to grow up and live that dream? Have you ever dreamed and thought about becoming a mermaid? Well, recently I had the wonderful opportunity to interview three awesome young ladies that refer to themselves as “almost-real mermaids.” Marlena Lerner, and twin sisters, Natasha and Sofia Garreton, make up “The 3 Tails.” They love the ocean and have dreamed about becoming mermaids since they were very young. These girls are not only sweethearts, but they also care deeply about the environment! It’s never too early to become environmental activists!  They have a YouTube series called “The 3 Tails.” Also, they are coming out with a new movie this summer called “The 3 Tails: A Mermaid Adventure.”

Featured above:  Marlena Lerner, Natasha Garreton, & Sofia Garreton

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The twin sisters, Natasha and Sofia Garreton, and their mother, Ely, have a business, The2Tails. It’s such a COOL business because they create custom-made, mermaid tails from swimsuit material! People can actually swim in them! They also have a swimsuit line. If you are a current fan of these girls, then you’ve seen them wearing their mermaid tails in their YouTube series.


 Featured above: Natasha Garreton, Marlena Lerner, & Sofia Garreton

Since the three girls are best friends and do almost everything together, I asked them to tell us who they are as a team! What are they passionate about? They collaborated on a paragraph. Here’s what they wrote:

“Ever since we were six, we had a dream to be mermaids. With the help of our supporting and loving family, we were able to pursue our dream of being- almost- real mermaids.  We have always been aware of the issue of pollution, and care so much for our fellow sea life, and are compassionate about being advocates for clean oceans and sustainability. We are fortunate enough to attend a girl's school where making a difference is a part of our school’s mottos. Through our talent and love of making videos, we can entertain while educating our supporters the importance of making the world a better place. Our passions include photography, swimming, filmmaking, designing, music and more- and our goal is to make a connection with the environment, and how we can help everything living on earth.” –Marlena Lerner, Natasha Garreton, and Sofia Garreton

I thought it would be fun and interesting to learn more about the young ladies and who they are as individuals, so I asked them to tell us a little bit about themselves! Here’s what they wrote:

“My name is Marlena Lerner and for 5 years Ive been making YouTube videos with my friends Sofia and Natasha. I love making videos as well as playing the piano and music in general. Ever since 2nd grade, weve been obsessed with mermaids, fascinated with them and all the other sea life. Film has always interested me since before I can remember, and making 'The 3 Tails' has been a major part of my life. Ive grown up in a family of filmmakers, and the experience of 'The 3 Tails' movie coming to life has truly been amazing. Im so lucky to be able to spread awareness through doing what I love most!” –Marlena Lerner

“My name is Natasha Garreton; Im 15 years old and I create short videos about the ocean. I started producing YouTube videos when I was about 8, along with Marlena and Sofia. I have always been passionate about the environment, specifically about the ocean and the creatures living in it. I am able to pursue my dreams with the help of my family, and I am so grateful to have them in my life--they make my day every day. One of my favorite activities is to travel because I love to see different culture and how they contribute to the environment. The love of the ocean and mermaids has lead me to create my own original swimsuit company along with my twin sister, Sofia. My big sister, Catalina, inspires me to create artwork in a different way involving the ocean. I love to support the community in any way I can and I hope to become a strong advocate for the ocean.” –Natasha Garreton

“ I am Sofia Garreton; I am 15 years old and I have been doing 'The 3 Tails,' a YouTube series with my friend Marlena and my twin Natasha, for about about 7 years now. I am incredibly lucky to have had an opportunity to make a film wrapping everything up for 'The 3 Tails' with my loving and supporting family, friends and others. For years, I have been telling stories, editing and photographing everything. Most recently, Natasha and I created a swimwear line called 'Lumahai Swimwear,' and we already have a website, audience, samples and multiple photos that are both taken and modeled by us. To me, it is important that I can do something with the creativity Ive had since I was so young. I am blessed that I can do this so safely and happily in the environment Im living in, and the people around me. Something that our movie focuses on is clean oceans, which is extremely important to be aware of and to get educated on. Without clean oceans, it will forever affect the air, the food we eat, the life in the ocean, and mostly destroy the environment that humans overuse. In my wonderful school, we have a course on 'Understanding the Contemporary the World' where we can further explore these topics such as environment, gender inequality, politics, economy and more. My goal is to do multiple things Im passionate for, all with a message on how we can help the world without degrading it.” –Sofia Garreton

These young ladies answered some questions in a special ISF video interview. Let’s take a look:

Here is the official trailer for their new movie coming soon!

Youth that are passionate like these young ladies are unstoppable! It’s awesome that these girls are paying attention and caring about the environment. They are compassionate, eco-conscious changemakers! They took their creative, unique ideas and turned their dreams into real-life projects! I know they’ll continue to inspire all the youth around them. Our ISF Youth team wishes Marlena, Natasha, and Sofia the best of luck on all future projects!

Did you know that ISF loves to dive deep into the heart of the passions of our supporters, too? We strive to continously mix things up, like in person interviews whenever possible. DJ Breuer and Jules Trace (Director of Youth Division) got the chance to sit down with the unstoppable ladies of The 3 Tails this month & get to the heart of what matters to them. We are psyched to see the obviously incredible and impactful future they create for themselves and our Planet!




A big “thank you” to Marlena, Natasha, and Sofia for taking time out of their busy schedules to let us learn more about them and for doing the interview! Thank you to their families for making this interview possible and to Ely and Andres for their hospitality and great conversation :)

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Written By: Marina, Youth Content Coordinator

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The 3 Tails: http://www.the3tails.com/

The 2 Tails: http://www.the2tails.com/

Photo Credit:  Photos are courtesy of the Garreton family.

*Thanks Jules, Alexandra, Jamie and DJ for collaborating with me on this project.