Fallon (Warning - Graphic Picture Content)

Fallon, a beautiful five year old fawn boxer, was hit by a car and wandered  for two days injured on the street. Her head was split open, exposing the  bone which became infected. In addition to her head wound, Fallon had an  injured jaw, a large laceration on her ear, skin wounds on her paw and  foreleg with a large corneal eye ulcer. Fallon was picked up in March 2014 by Animal Control. Rather than euthanize her, volunteers at the  shelter advocated getting her to a vet and reaching out to NorCal Boxer Rescue (NCBR) for help.

 Fallon received continuous care with NCBR’s veterinarian and proved to be a  true fighter. She underwent surgery to close the large gaps of skin and muscle  on the top of her head, paw and foreleg. At the same time, the surgeon  treated Fallon’s large corneal ulcer with a grid keratotomy. Through all of her  treatment, she showed sweetness, love, and resilience.

 Fallon moved to an approved NCBR foster home with a registered veterinary  technician who was comfortable administering her ongoing medications  and tending to her wounds. There, Fallon received wonderful care during her  recovery while being provided the love she needed to recuperate. Fallon’s  foster family fell in love with her and decided to adopt her themselves. Along  with a male boxer companion, she will spend the remainder of her days with a  loving family capable of caring for her Masticatory Muscle Myositis, an  autoimmune disease Fallon was diagnosed with unrelated to her  traumatic injury.

 According to one volunteer at NCBR, rescue work can be difficult and  disheartening. With Fallon's rescue and triumphant comeback, this NCBR  volunteer now has a renewed drive to continue taking in dogs suffering from  traumatic injuries. Though a rescued dog’s future may seem uncertain, there  are individuals and institutions rallying to support the rescue effort. The Ian Somerhalder Foundation is proud to be a member of Fallon’s support team by providing a Medical Emergency Grant.