Pet Appreciation: Autumn is Here! Edition

Fall really is a magical time of the year; the leaves turn into beautiful shades of orange and brown, the weather becomes a little cooler but not too cold, warm coffee and hot chocolate taste just a little bit better than usual, and all of your (cruelty free!) sweaters come back from their summer vacation! But there are some folks that don’t have to unpack their fall sweaters because they are already wearing them: our much appreciated favorite cats and dogs!

Tracy has two cats, Poppy and Daisy.

“We got them both from a cat rescue center (we homed them at 8 weeks old). They had been abandoned in a cardboard box with some other kittens and dumped in the street. Poppy and Daisy settled into our home well; they soon got used to a routine and they were kept indoors until early spring and now they love to roam outside in the back garden and bask in the sun. They even chase each other around the garden and love a game of hide-and-seek. Poppy is more playful than Daisy, but they both love to get in an empty cardboard box or bag. They love their food and their favorites are tuna and chicken. They love cat treats; we only have to shake the pouch and they come running from wherever they are, and they'll even give you their paws as they take the treats! Poppy and Daisy love a cuddle and fuss, and they often come on your lap to curl up and have a nap. Poppy follows me everywhere when she's in the house she likes to be in the same room as me. When she enters the room, she meows or makes a little noise to greet me. I love my cats and I'm so glad we are able to give them the good life they deserve!”

Vlatkica has a full house with three furry friends: two cats and one dog!

“I have a gorgeous little family. My cat, Emma, is 17 years old. She is full of energy and sleeps every night on my face. She is the big boss in the house. Eight years ago, I found Herkules. He was just a few weeks old. I opened my door and he walked in. I loved him from the first second I saw him. He loves to cuddle with me all the time and, for me, there is no bigger happiness than waking up next to him. That same year, my sister and I found a 6-month-old Shepard. Her name is Luna. She was left by the sea. We don`t know what exactly happened to her, but even today, she is still scared of water. I love the smell of her feet. These three little creatures fulfill my life. They make me smile even when I'm sad. I can`t imagine a life without them.”

Nicole’s baby, Snowball, is so loved!

“Snowball makes me happy when I am sad and comforts me when I'm crying; what a sweetheart he is. I honestly don't know what I would do without him. When they say dogs leave paw prints on your heart, they weren't lying. I love my dog.”




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