ISF & Strawesome: The ISF One World Straw

Remember our Plastic Straws Can Suck It campaign? We started it over 3 years ago and now we’re moving beyond just educating you about how much plastic straws suck, and taking it to a whole new level! The glass straw company Strawesome is making an ISF Special Edition glass straw!

One alternative to plastic straws is a glass straw. Glass straws are reusable, toxin-free, and leave little impact on this planet when made… We love that!  While doing some research, we came across Strawesome and their products. Strawesome was started in 2009 by a pretty cool mom, Daedra, and her husband Brian. I know what you’re thinking, “Glass straws? Aren’t they breakable?” Well, all of Strawesome’s glass straws are handmade from the same glass as Pyrex cookware, called borosilicate glass, so they are toxin-free and they’re pretty tough too. So don’t let glass scare you away. IF something crazy were to happen and your straw broke, Strawesome has a LIFETIME guarantee and they will replace it. Strawesome is a family company (their sons are their best testers!) and the products are made in the USA.

Healthy people, healthy animals, and a healthy planet are core to the passion and mission of Strawesome.  Certain individuals, organizations, and projects have inspired them to create Special Edition Straws so that they can support and collaborate with those on a similar mission… sounds like a perfect fit for ISF! Each one of their Special Edition products result in donations to the organization that inspired its creation!

So here’s the deal, Strawesome came up with 3 designs for the ISF Special Edition straw. Since we couldn’t pick just one, we decided to ask YOU, our amazing supporters, to pick the straw yourselves! That’s right, you voted on your favorite design, and the winning one will become the ISF Special Edition glass straw! For every sale of the ISF Special Edition straw, Strawesome will donate $7 to ISF!!

So here is the winning straw... The ISF One World Straw!!


Unfortunately, as of 2017 the ISF One World Straw is no longer available. Thank you to Strawesome for the collaboration.

To learn more about Strawesome, check them out at


Article by Katie Mobley

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