In December 2013, Dee with Suncoast Keeshond Rescue heard of an upstate New  York puppy mill who wanted to give up their breeding business. This puppy mill had  one hundred and one dogs living in horrible conditions year around, outdoors, in a  chain link enclosure, with only a tarp for shelter.  Francis, a young Keeshond of less  than a year, was housed in a pen with over forty other dogs. She was given  inadequate food, had no room for exercise and received minimal veterinary care.  Because Francis had a weakened body due to mange, infections and a heart  murmur, she had been attacked repeatedly by the other dogs. Once taken into the  care of Suncoast Keeshond Rescue, Francis began to thrive. As her health began to  improve, Francis went from a scared and shy puppy to a tail wagging, energetic,  playful soul. Other dogs in the rescue came to visit Francis while she healed in the  medical clinic and taught her how to play with toys and be social. Francis has  completely recovered and her heart murmur has gone away. Renamed Sapphire  and officially adopted into a home with another dog to play with, she will live out  the rest of her days happy, healthy and loved. Sapphire is one of one hundred and  one Keeshond dogs rescued from the now closed down puppy mill. The Ian  Somerhalder Foundation is proud to have been a part of Sapphires success by  granting her a Medical Emergency Grant to help pay for her recovery.