Exclusive: All about Nikki Reed’s Charitable Collaboration with Graziela Gems

July 29, 2016
People Magazine

When it comes to helping the planet, Nikki Reed holds causes really close to her heart: Her latest collaboration with Graziela Gems gives to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, founded by yes, her husband. “There’s not much that we don’t do together,” the actress, who’s also a vice president of ISF, tells People of Somerhalder. “We actually connected as friends because of the work that we were both doing that kind of mirrored one another. So he kind of always has seen or known about what I was doing with animals. And I’ve always loved what he’s done to inspire young people and help the world. We knew long before we were together that there was such an element of respect because of our similarities and what we were both passionate about.”

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