ISF Press Release
February 14, 2016
Ian Somerhalder Foundation Animal Emergency Grants Celebrate Two Years
ISF Press Release
January 18, 2016
Ian Somerhalder Foundation Announces $20,000 In Grants For Wild Horse Fertility Control
ISF Press Release
December 20, 2015
Ian Somerhalder Foundation Announces $6,000 Grant For Silent Heroes Foundation
November 2015
The Gentlemen's Fund - GQ Honors 2015 Ambassador Ian Somerhalder for his work with the Ian Somerhalder Foundation
CN Traveler Magazine
August 12, 2013
Ian Somerhalder - Using Twitter to Energize Young Environmentalists
November 4, 2012
Ian Somerhalder on meeting Barack Obama and inciting change: 'Our need for energy destroys everything'
Green Child Magazine
October 12, 2012
The More You Know Eco: The Ian Somerhalder Foundation
Defy Magazine
Fall 2012
Ian Somerhalder – Man on a Mission
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April 8, 2012
Ian Somerhalder Interview
Samaritan Magazine
June 27, 2011
Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder Foundation Takes "Interdependent" Approach To Global Aid
Variety Magazine
June 20, 2011
Environmental focus for Somerhalder Foundation
The Vampire Diaries
April 25, 2011
Ian Somerhalder: The King of Green
November 30, 2010
The Ian Somerhalder Foundation: 'Vampire Diaries' star seeks to inspire and empower 'Generation Extinction'