Spring Break Pledge

Work hard, play hard, respect hard!

Our planet provides some beautiful places to party – let’s keep them that way. Have a blast while respecting the environment around you. Take the #SpringBreakPledge and challenge others to join you!


During my Spring Break I pledge to:
  • Be aware of pollution around me
  • Take the moment to pick up trash and put it in the appropriate container
  • Recycle whenever possible
  • Request "No straw, please" and decline plastic straws when offered
  • Reuse cups when possible
  • BYO – Make efforts to bring my own: Reusable straws, utensils, shopping bags, and "to go" containers
  • Be gentle to coastal wildlife: I will not chase or harm animals or take them out of their home
  • Cut up and throw away plastic six-pack rings to prevent them from becoming potential hazards to wildlife
  • Talk with others about the importance of protecting our water from pollution
  • Show leadership by encouraging others to do the same